Cariad Lloyd, centre, with Griefcast producer Kate Holland, left, and Listeners’ Choice award winners Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode at the British podcast awards, May 2018. Photograph: Paul Cochrane.jpg


Griefcast is a podcast that examines the human experience of grief and death - but with comedians, so it’s cheerier than it sounds.

Griefcast won three Gold prizes at the British Podcast Awards 2018 (Best Entertainment Podcast, Best Interview Podcast, and Podcast of the Year 2018). It also won Podcast of the Year 2018 at the UK ARIA’s.

You can tweet the show @thegriefcast , follow us on instagram @thegriefcast or email us thegriefcast@gmail.com - Because you are not alone.

You can listen and subscribe online through iTunes or Acast - just click through to explore all the episodes in the show.

Other podcasts

Cariad really likes podcasts. She has also appeared as a guest on Richard Herring’s LSTP, Two Shot Podcast, Adam Buxton, Jamie Laing’s Private Parts, Jessie Ware’s Table Manners, R4 Extra’s Podcast Radio Hour, Do The Right Thing, Scummy Mummies, Hoovering, Films to be Buried with Brett Goldstein, Rule of Three, Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete, The Trap Door and she’s also appeared on the Guilty Feminist.

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