Give Out Girls

Give Out Girls

Hot new super sitcom, Give Out Girls, starts on the 14th October, so it’s already started. But you can probably still Sky + it. Written by excellent nuts Hatty Ashdown & Tony MacMurray and based on a lot of Promo girl truth. It’s very funny and if you have Comedy Central – I recommend it to you.

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I’ll be in Edinburgh doing this during August. The show is free and contains a Jesus impersonator, HSBC (Helena Susan Bonham Carter) & Aunt Shelley (she’s off the meth). It’s free, so it’d be rude not to say hello really.

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Vodka Diaries



A while ago I filmed a pilot for BBC3 Feed My Funny, it is now finally out on iplayer, and you can watch it here.¬†Written by Powder Room’s Rachel Hirons, and starring Aisling Bea, Gwyneth Keyworth, Rosamund Hanson, Luke McQueen and me. Have a watch, I am less dead in it than I look in this picture.

There are a load of new Comedy Pilots up in this series – why not watch Jenny Bede‘s as well, as she is a talented fellow.



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Jacque is Bacque – part Deux

In case you missed part une of Jacque’s Journee – here is his next sequence where he learns to parkour some more dans le rive droit.

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Jacque is Bacque

Before we filmed The Cariad Show, we went to Paris. Myself, The Blaine Brothers and a lady named Sophie, got the Eurostar in the morning, filmed me around Paris and were back in London by le nuit.

It was exhausting, the sketch didn’t make the cut onto the BBC site ’cause of music rights and me using him in the actual pilot. But Jacque still existed…so here he is – in all his Parisian glory.

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The Cariad (Radio) Show

Radio Show

I recorded a radio pilot for BBC Radio 4, The Cariad (radio) Show and it will be on Radios all over the land on May 15th, 23:00. It is a very silly sketch show, featuring Tom Golding, Graham Dickson & Louise Ford, and I hope you enjoy it.

Tom took this picture and I look at my most chipmunk-y. That is not my hazelnut on a stick in the background.

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The credo interview


I did the credo interview for The Independent, you can read it here. I talk a lot in real life and if you take away all the ums and ahhs, and long winded explanations to things, I don’t sound like me anymore. But I look out of windows real good.

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Austentatious on Tour!

Austentatious are going on tour! From February to July you can find us at venues all over the country, do have a look at our lovely website for further details.

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Here be Dragons!

Here Be Dragons Card ‘Here be Dragons’¬†starts tonight at 6:30 on BBC Radio Wales. Featuring the cream of up and coming Welsh comedy talent, and somehow me. I am not as Welsh as these guys are. If you cut them, they bleed dragon.

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Cariad&Paul: A two player improvised Adventure


We did this show in Edinburgh, after about seven gigs of it in London, and I loved doing it more than I can say. We just got a really lovely review from Chortle, and I don’t know where to put it. I don’t want to shout about it but it’s just lovely when someone gets improv and gets what you’re trying to do. So you can read it here.

Photo by the wonderful Damian Robertson.

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